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Thermographic Screening

INSIDEOUT is now offering Medical Infrared Imaging.

Medical infrared imaging requires no contact, emits no radiation and is 100% safe for all ages.  Monitoring examinations are critical to the early detection process and images taken in series over time can reveal subtle changes that warn of a pending problem. 

Adding infrared imaging to your health care significantly increases your chance of detecting health problems that are going unnoticed. Prevention or early detection and treatment is much easier than dealing with a health problem once it has caused a problem.

Breast thermography has the ability to warn of  a pending problem up to 10 years before any other test, thus giving a woman the possibility of heading off a more serious problem. 

The best approach to early detection involves regular checkups at periodic intervals so that any suspicious findings may be identified and acted upon as soon as possible. No contact is required and no radiation is emitted. 

Each screening is accompanied with a Licensed MD interpretation and written report. This can then be presented to your Primary Care or Specialist to assist in any type of treatment. 

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