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Call- (904) 599-7738 

After 7:00PM, please text.

150 Southpark Blvd. Saint Augustine, Fl.   32086

I am located on the second floor. Park in the center of the parking lot under the trees.  The entrance is under tree canopy.  Take  the elevator to the second floor and turn left..

Nutritional Blood Screening

-The intent of a Nutritional Blood Screening is to observe the participants blood under a microscope and display it on a full screen tv. 

-The purpose is to visually see the effect nutrition has on the internal topography of the body. 

-The findings are for educational and nutritional information and are not intended as medical advice. Please understand that I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe medications for any disease or health condition.

The most common components and microorganisms observed in your blood are as follows:

Darkfield (live blood) - Varying sizes of Red Blood cells: Chylous (undigested fat); crystals; parasites; RBC aggregation; fungal forms; bacteria; spicules or fibrin; rouleau; protein linkage; protoplasts; poor quality, deteriorating and dying RBC; quantity of white blood cells; upper valance microorganisms.

Layered Blood (dried blood) - Oxidative stress (antioxidant deficiency): metal toxicity; adrenal stress; mineral deficiency; bowel toxicity; degenerative conditions - i.e. arthritis; healing; systemic stress and organ dysfunction; inflammation; fungal and parasites.

Schedule and cost -   

  • Cost is $100.00 for both the Darkfield and Layered blood analysis, for an additional $100.00 receive all of the pictures, plus a detailed report with diet and supplement suggestions.

  • It takes about 1- 2 hours to complete the process.

  • It is recommended to restrict eating 2 hours prior to analysis, but stay hydrated. Avoid exercise and massage before your session.

  • You may bring your phone and take as many pictures as you like.

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